It is essential that all MATClinic patients actively participate in recovery support services



Withdrawal from opioids is as difficult on the mind as on the body.  While Suboxone and other similar medications help patients address their cravings and withdrawal symptoms, evidence based research indicates that counseling plays an equally important role in achieving full recovery.   It is the combination of Suboxone and behavioral health services that has proven to be most effective at weaning people from and keeping them off illicit opioids.  

All MATClinic patients participate in recovery support services.  MATClinics has a diverse range of behavioral and mental health providers to whom we can refer patients. In some cases we have formal arrangements to share patient information (of course, only with patient consent), and with other providers we refer and let patients find services that fit their individual needs.  

Meetings are another great place for patients to find support.   Some of our most stable patients, who have been through years of counseling, find that attending meetings is sufficient recovery support for them.  

MATClinics is dedicated to personalizing each patient's care, and that includes taking into account the stage at which each patient is in their recovery.

Your prescribing doctor and case manager are available to discuss alternatives and what might be the best fit for you.