What is the right kind of treatment for me?

Addiction Treatment Intensity Chart

Different patients need varying levels of intensity in their treatment at different times in their recovery.  In fact, its likely that patients will engage in a range of treatment intensities.  Recovery is not a linear process, it might seem like people should move along a continuum, but that is not necessarily how it works in real life.  Some people may start in a low-intensity program only to find that they relapse and seek more intensive alternatives.   

As you can see from the chart above, its easiest to think about treatment intensity across two dimensions.  

  1.   Medical Oversight--All treatment options include some level of medical oversight.  At one extreme is hospitalization, where intensive physician and staff oversight will be involved.   At the other end of the spectrum is a monthly maintenance program, like MATClinics.  Our providers will see you a minimum of once a month once you are stabilized on your medication and in your counseling.   The green bubble illustrates that the maintenance programs can become more intensive if patients relapse.  If patients require more intensive oversight, they will be referred to a more suitable program.
  2. Behavioral Health Counseling--Again, the intensity and frequency of counseling also varies amongst program.  Any in-patient program is going to involve more therapy than an out-patient program. 

For more information on each of the types of treatment, visit the Treatment Options page on our website.