Sublocade Approvals

MATClinics is the first program in Maryland to have a patient approved for Sublocade, the once-monthly buprenorphine injection. Thus far, we have submitted a handful of patients for insurance company review. Most have been denied, but we received our first approval today, April 6, 2018.

Since Sublocade is approximately three times the cost of Suboxone, we expect the insurance companies to be very selective in their approvals, especially in the beginning. While one of our patients was approved, we still don't have a great sense of what they are looking for. Do they want to see our most stable and compliant patients or will they be looking for cases where oral medications are not working well (e.g. diversion concerns, patient compliance, etc.)?

If you think you might be a good prospect for Sublocade, please give the office a call (410.220.0720) or talk to your provider at your next visit.