MATClinic Dundalk Moved to Larger Space

MATClinic Dundalk has moved from Suite 504 to Suite 400. Same building, different floor, much more space!

When we first opened in 2016, our modest space worked great for our staff and our patients. The office was cozy, but very functional. Over the last six months, as we have grown dramatically, we outgrew our space. For our Dundalk patients, we thank you for your patience and tolerance in what turned into a very cramped area.

Today was our first day in our new digs, and it worked great. There is plenty of room in the waiting room, our providers have nice new spacious offices and our medical assistants have the facilities to do their jobs.

We certainly have more space than we need right now, but we are investing in the future of MATClinics and we are excited for our continuing growth.