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An estimated 40 million Americans have a substance use disorder (SUD), but no two share the same experience. That’s because SUDs are often affected by behavioral health factors, as well as everyday challenges ranging from a hectic work-life schedule to a lack of transportation.  

MATClinics accounts for such factors by tailoring outpatient addiction treatment to the needs of each patient.

In addition to medication-assisted treatment, a patient’s care can include substance abuse counseling, mental health therapy and psychiatry.

We also provide each patient with 24/7 access to a case manager who can help them access the resources they need when everyday challenges arise. Having a go-to person reduces the stress in a patient’s life, along with potential barriers to their recovery. 

We also use proprietary analytics to help patients achieve recovery more efficiently – an approach we developed with scientists at the National Institute of Drug Abuse that is documented in the peer-reviewed Journal of Addiction Medicine

MATClinics operates eight facilities throughout Maryland. Each maintains evening office hours, in addition to being open every Saturday, to accommodate the needs of our patients. Appointments can be scheduled 24/7 and patients are often seen the same day.

Values that form a foundation

We balance medication-assisted treatment and proprietary analytics with behavioral healthcare and patient support services to treat substance use disorders.


Improve insights into behaviors that led to addiction and the problems that addiction causes


We value each patient and staff member for their unique needs and potential.


We seek staff members with the resolve to be steadfast resources to our patients.


We support each patient throughout their recovery — even when they experience a setback.


We pursue better patient outcomes through investments in tailored support services and proprietary analytics.


We hold ourselves accountable for helping our patients, staff, and partners achieve their goals by maintaining the highest standards of integrity in our operations.


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