Stimulant Addiction Treatment

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Stimulants include substances such as Adderall, amphetamines, methamphetamine, and cocaine (crack and powder).

Stimulant use disorder is a condition where someone develops a habit of using drugs like amphetamines or cocaine in a way that causes problems in their life. People with this disorder might have a hard time controlling or stopping their drug use, even when it causes them harm, and they might experience cravings, withdrawal, and tolerance.

How We Treat Stimulant Use Disorder

We work with each patient to develop an individualized treatment plan that is most likely to reduce cravings, minimize withdrawal symptoms, and help prevent relapse and overdose. Unfortunately, there are no FDA approved medications to treat stimulant use disorder but there are some medications that patients report help them. Services to treat stimulant use disorder can include:

A Comprehensive Approach to Stimulant Use Disorder

While MATClinics does not require patients to engage in counseling, therapy, or psychiatry, those services are available to all enrolled in MATClinics. There is strong evidence, especially for those suffering with stimulant use disorder, that the combination of medication and behavioral therapy is what treats addiction most effectively.

Improve insights into behaviors that led to addiction and the problems that addiction causes
Receive encouragement and motivation to stick to the recovery plan
Learn to replace unhealthy behaviors with healthier ones
Learn to recognize and avoid craving triggers, better manage stress, and avoid relapse
Work to repair relationships
Helps patients address the emotional and behavioral issues associated with addiction

We Accept Insurance

MATClinics currently accepts all Maryland Medicaid programs as well as Medicare Part B and all CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield. If you don't see your insurance program listed, reach out to us for a full list of programs we accept.

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