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What to Expect from MATClinics

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A Partnership For Your Recovery

What you can expect from us

What We ASK from You

Value you for who you are

Because each person has unique needs and potential, we personalize the care we provide each patient. In addition to medication-assisted treatment, including Suboxone®, Sublocade® and Vivitrol®, your treatment can include behavioral health and patient support services.

We will be available to you.

We offer appointments during the workday, evenings, and Saturdays at our eight locations throughout Maryland and we will respond to your calls and texts during the day, night, weekends, and holidays.

We will always welcome you.

Anyone can suffer a relapse or struggle to achieve recovery. While we may adjust your treatment in the event of a setback, we will never judge you for it and we will never discharge you for the use of illicit substances.

We will help you with challenges that could interfere with your recovery.

Everyday challenges ranging from a hectic work-life schedule to the lack of transportation have the potential to interfere with a patient’s treatment. That’s why you can always reach out to a MATClinics case manager – someone to whom you can turn when questions arise and who can help you access the resources you need – during your treatment with us.

Show up.

Since we can’t treat a patient unless we interact with them, it’s important that you honor your appointments with us.

Engage with us.

When healthcare works best, it’s a partnership. You know your needs best and you should ask us questions and offer your perspective on issues that are important to your treatment. 

Take your medication as prescribed.

Medication-assisted treatment holds enormous potential for patients, but that potential can only be realized if you take your medication as prescribed.

Try to be your best.

Addiction is hard, and we understand the toll it can have on a person’s life. Whether you’re having a good day or a bad day, however, it is important that you treat our staff with the same respect with which we will treat you.

MATClinics has six values – belonging, respect, resilience, compassion, curiosity, and performance – reflecting the generous support we provide each patient in our care, as well as our role in providing that care. Based on these values, we’ve outlined what you can expect of us, but also what we ask of you, as the basis of a partnership to help you achieve recovery.  

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