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MATClinics will tailor your care to your needs. In addition to medication-assisted treatment, including Suboxone®, Sublocade® and Vivitrol®, your treatment can consist of substance use counseling, mental health therapy and psychiatric services, as well as patient support services. In addition to your personalized care, you will be given a personal case manager – someone to whom you can turn when questions arise and who will help you access the resources you need.

Our intake and treatment process can vary from patient topatient, but you can expect the following care from MATClinics:


You will call, email, or text us to request treatment or information about our treatment program.


MATClinics will schedule your initial visit and address any immediate concerns you may have. Unlike many providers, we’re open evenings and Saturdays. We will send you electronic forms to fill out on your phone or computer for you to complete before your initial visit.

Initial Visit

Within 24 hours of scheduling an appointment with us you will meet with a member of our clinical team so that we can assess your needs and determine where you are on your path to recovery—insights that we will use to tailor your care:

  • Medication assisted treatment – You will receive your medication within two hours of completing your initial visit. MATClinics prescribes Suboxone®, Sublocade®, Vivitrol® and other medications for the treatment of substance use disorders.
  • Behavioral healthcare – If you are interested, we will help you participate in counseling, therapy, or psychiatric services. If you prefer another provider for these services, we will help you find one and coordinate your care with them.
  • Patient support services – We will help you manage the practical, day-to-day challenges that can affect your recovery, from a hectic work-life schedule to the lack of transportation.

Personal Case Manager

During your initial visit, you will be introduced to your case manager. You can call or text 24/7 and a member of MATClinics’ staff will help you take care of any potential barriers to your recovery.

Follow-up Visits

You will check in with the MATClinics clinical team—likely on a weekly basis to begin and, later, on a monthly basis. We will adjust your care to reflect your progress and any needs you may have.    

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