How Much Does Outpatient Rehab Cost?

The opioid epidemic has left no corner of the United States unaffected, and Maryland is no exception.

In mid-2020, the Baltimore Sun reported opioid-related deaths and deaths related to all other substances had begun once again to rise after dropping in 2019. In light of rising opioid use, access to effective addiction treatment is now more important than ever.

For anyone struggling with opioid misuse, help is available. Often, rehab is associated with an inpatient stay, which may not work for everyone’s needs. Outpatient rehab is a less costly option that individuals can utilize on the path towards healing.

Outpatient Rehab Costs

One specific type of outpatient rehab is Medication Assisted Treatment or MAT. MAT is a person-centered approach that is very effective opioid addiction treatment. MAT uses approved medications, including Suboxone, Vivitrol and Sublocade, paired with behavioral therapy.

So, how much does outpatient drug rehab cost?

Because outpatient treatment is centered around withdrawal symptoms and behavioral health care, it tends to be less expensive for health insurance providers than inpatient treatment. It’s also easier for many people to get approval from their health insurance provider for outpatient rehab.

The outpatient rehab cost is entirely dependent on their insurance company. Some insurances will make customers pay for treatment and some will not. For example, for Maryland Medicaid patients, treatment costs nearly nothing. Patients pay a $1- $5 copay at the pharmacy, and nothing when they come into our offices.  

Many types of insurance cover some or all of the costs of drug addiction treatment. At MATClinics, for example, we currently accept Medicare, Maryland Medicaid and CareFirst plans. In addition, MatClinics has case managers to help you find a financial plan so you can focus on recovery and not finances.

Inpatient Rehab Costs

After answering how much does outpatient rehab costs, let’s review how inpatient care costs compare.

The cost of inpatient rehab can be a barrier to treatment.

Factors that determine inpatient rehab cost include the type of treatment and the length of a treatment program.  

There are also many aspects that you’re paying for in inpatient rehab that you aren’t paying for in outpatient care. For example, in an inpatient treatment center, you pay for room, board and 24/7 on-duty staff. There are also often additional recreational activities and even resort-like amenities that can make inpatient treatment centers more expensive.

All in all, inpatient rehabs can cost anywhere from $7,500 a month to upwards of $20,000 a month. Luxury inpatient rehabs can cost up to $120,000 a month.

Not all insurance plans will pay for all inpatient treatment centers.

Outpatient Rehab vs. Inpatient Rehab Costs

How does inpatient costs compare to outpatient costs?

Monetarily, outpatient rehab like MAT is a cost-effective treatment.

In addition, outpatient care may be more convenient for some patients than inpatient care. You visit your treatment team as needed and attend counseling sessions determined by your counselor to overcome addiction. This flexible schedule allows participants to manage personal and professional obligations.

On top of a high price tag, a lot of inpatient programs, by contrast, don’t use medications and rely on strict abstinence to overcome active addiction. While every path to recovery is different, abstinence-based treatment can make it harder for someone to recover from addiction. Even more, inpatient treatment programs require patients to obtain time off from work or school and find childcare.

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Addiction treatment is wholly dependent on the individual and their circumstances.

Open the Door to Healing on Your Terms at MATClinics

Understanding how much outpatient rehab costs is important. But it should not be the only factor you consider when selecting the program for you. Finding an outpatient center that allows you to have a say in your treatment plan is key. This empowers you to pursue a life free of addiction.

At MATClinics, you’ll receive an individualized treatment plan and a personal case manager dedicated to addressing your concerns and needs. We also focus on complete price transparency so that you are never blindsided by fees. If you are unable to afford MATClinics’ fees, a case manager can work with you to find a financial plan that eases the load.

Medication assisted treatment in an outpatient setting allows you to create your own recovery path. You’re provided with the necessary tools to make life-saving changes, with a strong support team behind you. Contact MATClinics to learn more about available programs.

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