How to Pick a Treatment Provider (and How to Avoid Scams)

If you are looking for help with addiction treatment, it is important for you to pick a treatment provider who can meet your unique needs. Each case is different. The right treatment center for one person is not necessarily going to be the right treatment center for you. Fortunately, there are a lot of great programs available, but it is important to watch out for common scams.

First FTC Case Under Opioid Addiction Recovery Fraud Prevention Act

Even though the vast majority of treatment centers have the best interests of patients and their families at heart, there are some people who use unscrupulous marketing principles to make false promises. That is what happened with R360, a company that made glamorous promises about giving people the care they needed without actually delivering on it.

The company has been charged under the Opioid Addiction Recovery Fraud Prevention Act. This is an act that makes it unlawful to engage in deceptive or unfair practices with respect to any treatment services regarding addiction and substance use issues. People who violate this act could be charged civilly by the FTC under Section 18 of the Federal Trade Commission Act.

Here are a few examples of how R360 violated this act:

  • People who called the toll-free number looking for help were routed to a call center to speak with people who had no training in substance abuse or addiction. They were then routed to various treatment centers that paid R360 for this service. This includes monthly or annual fees as well as an additional fee for each call received through R360 ads.
  • The company made false promises about working with hand-selected treatment specialists, as their ads claimed.
  • The company claimed that it had a strict vetting process for treatment centers that were a part of its network, which it did not.

Even though this is the first case the FTC has charged under this act, there are other common scams to watch out for as well.

Scams To Look Out For When Seeking Addiction Treatment

There are several common scams you need to watch out for when you are looking for addiction treatment. They include:

Body Brokering

This is a scam where treatment centers try to take advantage of people who have high-quality insurance. If you have high-quality insurance, the treatment center may try to keep you there to continue billing your insurance company without any effort to support your recovery. You need to check in with the treatment provider regularly to make sure you have objective metrics that measure your recovery process and make sure you continue to make progress in treatment.

Client Enticement

This takes place when a treatment center tries to bribe you to choose them using free handouts, like food, expensive gifts, or other incentives. This is not allowed, and you should immediately cross these options off your list. If they are having trouble getting people to go to treatment there, that is not a good sign.

Insurance Over-billing

Insurance over-billing takes place when a company performs tests or offers treatments that you do not need just so they can bill your insurance company. Your insurance company may pass the bills on to you, so always make sure the treatment center abides by the best practices in the field.

By staying aware of these scams, you could be sure you find a reliable addiction treatment provider.

What to Look For in a Quality Addiction Treatment Provider

Even though these scams can be frustrating, don’t get discouraged. There are plenty of genuine treatment providers out there. Some of the signs of a good addiction treatment provider include:

Individualized Care

You should try to find an addiction treatment provider who takes an individualized approach to every patient. Even though there are best practices that should be followed, all treatment plans should be customized to meet the individual needs of the patient. Instead of taking a cookie-cutter approach, you should work with an addiction treatment provider who will explain to you why specific treatments are right for your unique situation.

Transparent Patient Reviews

You should also find an addiction treatment provider or center that is transparent with patient reviews. If there are a lot of individuals and families who have positive things to say about the treatment center, this is a good sign that you may have found the right one for you. Some treatment centers will even have a list of references you can call to verify the reviews you see on the website or on the search engine.

Case Management Support

A credible addiction treatment provider should prioritize getting a patient’s life back together after addiction. This includes maintaining continuous relationships with their patients. When you call, you should not spend endless hours waiting on hold. They should address your concerns relatively quickly. Then, the treatment center should make an effort to follow up with their patients to make sure all recovery processes are proceeding as expected. If you find a center that does a good job of keeping in touch with its patients, this is a good sign.

Proper Licensing and Insurance

Finally, you should also ask about proper licensing and insurance. All treatment providers should have the right educational credentials that serve as a testament to their training. They should also have proper insurance coverage, which is important for protecting not only you but them as well. Most legitimate addiction treatment centers will be open and transparent about their licensing and insurance.

If you keep your eyes open for these signs, you should be able to find a quality addiction treatment provider who can help you or your loved one recover.

Learn More About Our Addiction Treatment Services

Even though it can be disheartening to hear about scams involving addiction treatment, these are very few and far between. You simply need to be cognizant of them as you are looking for the right drug rehab center to meet your needs.

If you are looking for addiction treatment providers with training and experience, we can help you. We always put the needs of our patients first, listen to your situation without judgment or reservation, and customize our treatment plan to meet your needs. Contact us today to speak to a member of our treatment team. We would be happy to assist you.

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