What Are the Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Addiction and substance use disorder remains one of the biggest health crises facing our country today. This is why it’s crucial for people struggling with addiction to have access to treatment that can help them get and stay sober. This is where medication-assisted treatment, usually shortened to MAT, can be helpful.

What Is Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Medication-assisted treatment Maryland

Medication-assisted treatment refers to the use of medications to help people remain sober and abstinent from opioids, narcotics, alcohol, and numerous other drugs. Quitting cold turkey can be difficult and invite several unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, but luckily, medication-assisted treatment is available and can help curb cravings for good. We combine behavioral counseling with MAT so patients can maintain their growth in treatment and out of treatment. This method has been proven to be most effective at keeping people in recovery.

These medications are often used to help people deal with cravings, prevent relapses, and improve their quality of life. It can be difficult for people to deal with constant cravings during the recovery process, and some medications like Suboxone can make this easier. These medications do not lead to dependence or addiction, making them a safe option for people in recovery from a wide variety of substance use issues.

What Can MAT Be Used For?

Medication-assisted treatment is prescribed on a case-by-case basis. It must be addressed in conjunction with a trained treatment professional, but there are a few common issues that MAT can treat. They include:

  • Opioids and Narcotic Use: MAT can be used to help people address opioid and narcotic addiction, including fentanyl use. This could make it easier for patients to keep cravings for these substances at bay, helping them stay sober.
  • Heroin Use: Heroin can be incredibly addictive and dangerous – MAT can also help curb cravings and safely detox.
  • Alcohol Abuse: Individuals who suffer from alcoholism can use MAT to deal with alcohol cravings, thus reducing the chances of a relapse.

These are just a few of the many ways that MAT can help people recover from substance abuse and addiction issues.

Medications Used as Part of the Treatment Plan


Several medications can be used to help people during the recovery process. One of the most common medications used for MAT is Suboxone in addition to other Buprenorphine-based medications. Suboxone is a medication that blocks the receptors in the brain that are responsible for making people feel "high" after taking these drugs. Suboxone binds to the receptors, helping people deal with cravings, but doesn't trigger them. This means that there is no ‘high’ associated with Suboxone.

Other Buprenorphine-based medications, like Sublocade, can also be used during the treatment process. This medication is a once-a-month injection of buprenorphine; people receiving Sublocade report that the injection takes away the highs and lows associated with taking buprenorphine. When given in conjunction with a well-rounded treatment plan, it can help people abstain from using and abusing drugs, such as those listed above.

What Are the Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment?

There are a number of significant benefits to this type of treatment process, including:

  • Helps more people stay sober: The best part of this treatment plan is that it helps people not only get sober but also stay sober. Studies have shown that these medications can help people stay sober for longer periods of time and reduce their dependence on drugs and alcohol.
  • Eases withdrawal symptoms: MAT can also help patients deal with the symptoms of withdrawal. They can be difficult to manage and are a common reason people relapse. When using medications such as Suboxone, it is possible to help patients through the toughest stages of withdrawal, thus helping them get sober.
  • Reduces the risk of death from overdose: Because patients have these medications they can rely on to deal with cravings, they will be less likely to seek out the drugs they’ve become addicted to. This reduces the risk of an overdose and the chances of a patient accidentally dying.
  • Customizable treatment plan: We understand that no two patients are the same and some require different treatment plans. Our versatile treatment options can be combined with other treatments such as therapy and other prescription medications, allowing patients to customize their treatment plans to meet their needs.

It’s for all of these reasons that MAT has become a popular treatment option that has been recommended by numerous medical governing bodies.

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