Why Have Individualized Treatment Plans for Substance Abuse?

No two people have the same addiction experience. This is why an individualized treatment plan is an invaluable tool on the path to healing.

No two people have the same addiction experience. The condition affects people in a wide range of ways, and treatment requires a careful, customized approach. This is why an individualized treatment plan is an invaluable tool on the path to healing.  

To learn the benefits of an individualized treatment plan and what goes into developing it, read on.

What is an Individualized Treatment Plan?

An individualized treatment plan is a customized course of care designed to address the patient’s unique situation and needs. Because addiction affects different individuals in different ways, pursuing a one-size-fits-all plan towards overcoming addiction is not ideal. Think of it like this:

After a doctor diagnoses a patient, they work to develop a treatment plan that is best suited to the individual. Factors like the patient’s medical history, lifestyle and more all influence how the doctor decides to proceed. This is why two patients diagnosed with the same condition often follow different treatment paths to achieve healing.

In the same way, two people suffering from addiction likely have very different histories, risk factors and more. So placing these people on the same fixed treatment plan does not properly address their unique needs. Plus, a “cookie cutter” plan can feel ineffective and enhance the likelihood of a patient leaving treatment before they should.

On the other hand, an individualized treatment plan will take into account these factors and offer a customized plan for the individual. Individualized, medication assisted treatment is what MATClinics provides.

Individualized Treatment Plan Benefits

Now that we’ve covered what an individual treatment plan is, it’s time to discuss some of the benefits.

One powerful benefit of a customized treatment plan is flexibility. Unlike patients on a fixed treatment plan, those on an individualized plan can adjust as they go. From medication dosage to counseling frequency and more, there are many elements that can be changed as the patient progresses.

Another benefit is that this style of treatment allows providers to treat the individual. When a patient is treated as a unique person rather than a copy, treatment outcomes are improved. Studies show that providers who are able to provide services that better match the needs of patients see higher rates of retention in treatment programs.  

An individualized treatment plan acknowledges the fact that addiction is a very complex disease, which requires individualized approaches to treating it. The benefit here is that patients are empowered to pursue healing. The custom plan allows them to be heard and to give their input through the process.

How Providers Develop an Individualized Treatment Plan  

At MATClinics, individualized treatment plans are at the core of our process. We help patients move out of addiction and into a place of real, sustainable freedom. To achieve the best results, we evaluate the patient fully before developing a treatment plan.

Because each person varies, there is no gold standard individual treatment plan example. But there is a process that medical professionals can follow to create the ideal plan for an individual.

A key step in creating the plan is getting to know the patient and many facets that may play a role in their addiction.

Factors that affect a patient’s treatment plan include:

  • Age
  • Family history of addiction
  • Substance of choice
  • Severity and length of addiction
  • Mental health
  • Lifestyle (stress levels, relationship dynamics, etc.)

With information about these factors and more, a skilled practitioner can develop a course of action for the individual. For example, the severity of the addiction and the substance will affect the dosage of Suboxone that a doctor will prescribe as part of the treatment plan.

Behavioral treatment is another component of a treatment. For example, a patient who has the goal of improving their mental health might opt for counseling and has the option to increase or decrease the frequency of sessions. In other cases, a patient may be in a healthy mental state and not require counseling. At MATClinics, counseling is a choice rather than a requirement as in many fixed treatment plans.

Experience a Customized Approach to Treating Addiction

At MATClinics, your treatment is personalized every step of the way. We evaluate each patient individually and determine what services they need to support their recovery. Rather than locking patients into a rigid plan, we work with each one to come up with the best solution.

Your personalized case manager guides you through your recovery while our team refers you to the services you actually need and align with your goals. To find support from providers that are genuinely invested in the care of their patients, contact MATClinics today!

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