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Narcotics Anonymous is a global, multilingual, multicultural, and community-based organization that helps people struggling with drug abuse through a total abstinence program. Through regular face-to-face peer group counseling meetings, speaker seminars, and literature discussions, people suffering from substance abuse can help one another stop taking addictive substances and maintain their recovery.

In addition to in-person meetings, NA has established virtual meetings to ensure that members stay on track with their abstinence goals. According to its website, there is only one requirement to join any NA meeting: the desire to stop using drugs.

There are thousands of NA meetings in Maryland. Baltimore, for instance, lists over 400 NA meetings, while there are around 30 in Annapolis. Those interested to participate only need to find the meetings offered in any Maryland city or those that offer virtual sessions though its Meeting Finder page. Locations and schedules could change from time to time, so it's best to get in touch directly with the groups you'd like to join for full details.

Please be aware, however, that many NA meetings are intolerant of medication assisted treatment. That means that if you share that you are prescribed medication to treat your addiction, the other folks at the meetings may be less than supportive. Many MATClinics patients choose AA or SmartRecovery meetings to avoid being judged at a meeting that should be supportive.

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