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Some patients find the traditional NA and AA meetings challenging and want a more evidence-based, medical approach to succeeding in recovery. Participating in Suboxone programs can sometimes feel like it’s opposed to groups that preach abstinence and a more spiritual route to recovery. SMART Recovery provides an alternative.

SMART (Self-Management and Recovery Training) is more science-based than the traditional 12-step programs. It applies best practices in cognitive behavioral therapy and recognizes that medications such as Suboxone are an important aid in recovery. The program differs from AA and NA in that it emphasizes self-reliance in the recovery journey. It does not use sponsors and does not refer to those suffering from substance abuse as “addicts” or “alcoholics.”  

If you are interested in finding a face-to-face or virtual meeting in Annapolis, Baltimore, or any other area in Maryland, feel free to browse through its website to check updated schedules.

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