Rehab Program That Accepts Maryland Medicaid and Medicare

At MATClinics, we believe that effective addiction treatment should be accessible to all individuals. That is why we offer rehab programs that accept Maryland Medicaid. To learn what treatments are typically covered by Medicare and Medicaid, read on!  

How do I pay for addiction treatment?

Determining the cost of outpatient rehab is an important step that many take before seeking treatment. Fortunately, Medicaid programs offer health insurance coverage to low-income individuals who need addiction treatment. Discover how Medicaid can cover these costs below.

Medicaid for Addiction Treatment

Data indicates that nearly 12% of those on Medicaid beneficiaries over 18 years old are diagnosed with a Substance Use Disorder. This serious and widespread condition requires effective treatment. In light of this, Medicaid does provide coverage for individuals seeking medication assisted treatment (MAT). The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services issued this announcement:

“To increase access to medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorders (OUD), section 1006(b) of the SUPPORT Act requires states to provide Medicaid coverage of certain drugs and biological products, and related counseling services and behavioral therapy.”

MATClinics accepts all Maryland Medicaid plans (MCOs) for all offered services. For patients seeking substance abuse treatment, getting this coverage is a necessary step towards healing. Adults, senior citizens, pregnant women and more individuals can qualify for Maryland Medicaid. The income level requirements vary based on your household size, so be sure to review the Maryland Medicaid eligibility requirements to learn whether you qualify.

Medicare for Addiction Treatment

Medicare is a government-administered health care program available to individuals over 65 and those with disabilities. Those with Medicare can qualify for coverage for drug rehab treatment.  

Medicare is divided into four parts that are each designed to cover a specific medical need. Part B is the medical insurance component of Medicare. Under Part B, Medicare will often cover a large portion of the costs of outpatient treatment services., In order to access these services, you must receive treatment from a Medicare-approved provider.

Fortunately, MATClinics has outpatient treatment centers across Maryland that accept Medicare and Medicaid. To learn more about the insurance coverage MATClinics accepts, click here.

What addiction rehab services do Medicare and Medicaid cover?

Medicaid operates at the state level, while Medicare is a federal program that operates in the same way across the country. This means that the two may cover different services. Most Medicare and Medicaid plans cover costs associated with medication assisted treatment programs. These services typically include:

  • Office Visits
  • Medication
  • Counseling
  • Psychiatry
  • Toxicology (Drug Testing)

The list above features just some of the medical services covered by these programs. It’s important to consult with your provider to determine what services are covered by the plan you are enrolled in.

What if I don’t qualify for Medicaid?

MATClinics does not want financial status to be a barrier to treatment for patients. This is why we work with individuals on a case-by-case basis to determine how we can best meet their medical needs.

For patients that do not qualify for Maryland Medicaid, there are other options available. MATClinics also accepts CareFirst insurance. CareFirst is the largest healthcare provider serving Maryland, Washington, DC and Northern Virginia. The extensive network of providers includes outpatient rehab programs like MATClinics.

If a patient does not have insurance that we accept, their insurance will cover the cost of their prescription. Still, they will be responsible for paying for their office visits and drug testing. If a patient has out-of-network benefits through their insurance, they can submit their invoices for reimbursement to their insurance company.

Personalized attention from a dedicated case manager is one thing that all MATClinics patients can enjoy. If a patient expresses a financial need, their case manager can set up a payment plan that works for them. We work with you, not against you, to formulate an achievable plan.

If all other options do not work for the patient, MATClinics can help patients find a program that accepts their insurance. We truly want the best for each patient and will work hard to ensure that financial strain is not impacting your progress.

Speak to a member of our team to schedule a New Patient visit, or just to get more information.

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