Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Havre de Grace, MD

253 Lewis Lane #201 Havre de Grace, MD 21078

Our outpatient addiction treatment center in Havre de Grace is located just off Route 40

Conveniently accessible via Harford Transit LINK Green Line

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Love the staff and doctors at this office. Very respectful very pleasant and very easy to work with,if they could service all my needs. It would be the only place I would go
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I’ve been a patient of MATClinics for a long time and truly couldn’t imagine going anywhere else! They have made me feel like family and like they truly care from the very start. They are always willing to work with you which is hard to find these days. And I have to say the new office is absolutely beautiful!! I know there is absolutely nothing easy about getting clean but I promise they will do everything in their power to help make the process as easy as possible!

Treatment Fit for You

Work with us to tailor your treatment to your needs.

You can choose from options that include medication assisted treatment, such as Suboxone®, Sublocade®, and Vivitrol®, as well as psychiatry, counseling and mental health therapy.

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Havre de Grace Outpatient Addiction Treatment Services:

Our Havre de Grace outpatient addiction treatment center offers a variety of treatments, including:

  • Outpatient Suboxone treatment
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Intensive Outpatient Counseling
  • Psychiatry (for MATClinics’ addiction treatment patients)

Our Suboxone doctors in Havre de Grace are accessible to anyone looking to receive treatment from an outpatient addiction treatment center. Many of our patients make the short drive from Elkton, Aberdeen, Edgewood, Belair, and surrounding towns. If you are looking for a Suboxone doctor in Elkton or other parts of Cecil County, please reach out to MATClinics for more information regarding the Havre de Grace treatment center.

The MATClinics Havre de Grace location is staffed by professional Suboxone doctors and other licensed prescribers. We understand how important it is for patients to be seen right away, and we can normally schedule intakes within 24-48 hours.

Learn more about Medication-Assisted Treatment and how the process works with MATClinics. Please call or text us at (410) 291-1494 if you have any questions.

Note: Services listed above are not limited to the following locations. MATClinics is ready and willing to serve patients from all areas.

Addiction Treatment Services for Residents of Towns Near Havre de Grace

Residents in the Havre de Grace surrounding area are welcome to receive addiction treatment services from MATClinics. If you or a loved one are in search of a conveniently located outpatient addiction treatment center, our trained Suboxone doctors are ready to assist you. Benefits to the Havre de Grace treatment center include:

  • Conveniently located on bus route
  • Many pharmacies within the area
  • Office hours on evenings and weekends to accommodate all types of schedules


Located just 16.3 miles from Havre de Grace and connected by Route 40 and Interstate 95, the town of Elkton serves as the country seat for Cecil County. Individuals interested in living a colonial lifestyle along the coast of the Elk River will want to make a move to Elkton. The town, situated alongside the Chesapeake Bay, has seen many faces of forefathers wandering through town during the Revolutionary War and War of 1812. Many of the town's buildings can be dated back to these wars, making the location a top bucket-list item for many history buffs. The roughly 15,600 residents of Elkton enjoy a combination of modern century businesses and rich American history in this unique town.

Between the years of 2019 and 2020, Cecil County saw a 60.4% increase in opioid fatalities, with a total of 85 deaths, according to the Maryland Opioid Operational Command Center 2020 Annual Report. This is a significant increase from the 53 overdose deaths the county saw the previous year. With such an increase in opioid use across the county, treatment centers are vital in saving the lives of these residents. The county has implemented a Heroin Coordinator to encourage treatment at outpatient centers and reduce the risk of overdose spreading through the area.

Ever since the county passed a law preventing quality treatment offices in Elkton, MATClinics has made it our mission to provide high-quality care as close as we can to the town. Receive outstanding outpatient treatment and counseling just a short drive or bus ride away with MATClincs.

Bel Air

Since 1782, just two years after the town was founded, Bel Air has been the Harford County seat. The town, originally known as “Belle Aire,” sits just 15.5 miles from Havre de Grace and boasts a center for advanced educational and governmental institutes. It’s no surprise that the area has grown into its current population of over 10,000 residents since it's known as one of the best places to live in Maryland. The town is home to an assortment of young professionals and retirees alike, both drawn to the beauty of the historical buildings and rich landscape.

Over the past 5 years, Bel Air has seen a significant increase in the level of unintentional opioid-related deaths, with 89% of substance-related deaths occurring from the use of opioids. The town has begun creating opioid education events in hopes of decreasing usage and therefore decreasing the number of deaths the town faces each year. However, encouraging individuals who currently use substances such as opioids to receive treatment at an outpatient addiction treatment center is an essential way to decrease the overall death rate.

There are other treatment providers in the Bel Air area, but almost none of them accept Medicaid. At MATClinics, we understand the necessity of treatment and accept Medicaid. We also understand that distance can be a deterrent for individuals seeking treatment. That’s why we’ve established our Havre de Grace center in close proximity to Bel Air. Our outpatient programs offer a flexible schedule to fit your needs based on when you have the opportunity to travel the short distance to the center.


With a population of just over 25,500 residents, Edgewood is an ideal location for anyone needing to access the highway. Located between Interstate 95, Route 152, and Route 24, residents can reach Havre de Grace in under 20 minutes. Edgewood is known as an unincorporated community governed by Harford County. The town is best known for its abundance of natural resources, such as forested wetlands along the coast and high-quality soil. Residents enjoy the tight-knit community and wide variety of recreational activities the town offers.

The town of Edgewood, much like the rest of Mayland, has seen an overall increase in opioid use and drug-related deaths in the past few years. According to the State Health Improvement Process (SHIP), Harford County has a higher rate of drug-related deaths than the Maryland state average. The country also ranks high in the number of addiction-related emergency department visits. Harford County, including the residents of Edgewood, has been dealing with a substantial amount of substance use throughout its residents, leading to an increased need for outpatient addiction treatment centers like MATClincs.

With such a high risk of opioid-related death in Edgewood, treatment is a safe and effective method of reducing the loss of fellow residents. MATClinics’ flexible individual and group counseling services are a short bus ride away from the town, offering a safe space to work through the recovery journey.

The trained professionals at MATClincs are here to make the recovery process as smooth as possible. We know that the journey isn’t easy, and we’re ready to offer the assistance and support you need along the way. We are dedicated to helping you recover from your addiction with Medication-Assisted Treatment and counseling services designed to mental and physical reactions to treatment. The combination of our treatment services is extremely effective in continued recovery.

Schedule an appointment with us today or book a visit to one of our centers to find out more about the programs we offer.

What We Treat

We care for any person struggling with an addiction, including opioid use disorder, alcohol use disorder and stimulant use disorder.

Opioid Use
Stimulant Use
Alcohol Use
Patient Support Services

Reduce Stress & Barriers to Recovery

Your treatment plan will also include access to a case manager – someone you can turn to with questions and needs to help you in between your regularly scheduled appointments.

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